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With JWLS Financial we offer the option of free shipping, free insurance, guaranteed payments, working capital, customer financing, marketing and communication tools to increase your sales.

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Luxury goods merchants are in a unique position. They are selling high-end products. They have a very small market and an audience that is very selective. 
They have a lot to lose. But they also have a lot to gain. They are in the best position to create an ecosystem that matches their products with their customer’s needs. They can create a community of high-value customers. 
JWLS provides all of the necessary financial and marketing tools that luxury goods merchants need. Thank you for taking a look. In addition, with 20 plus years of experience JWLS has the industry’s most knowledge of all luxury goods financial processes. The JWLS team can help you grow your business, and we’re happy to serve your needs today.
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We can protect against all forms  of covered  risk.

Pay and get paid to and from any U.S.A bank in seconds or one day. JWLS Power Pay is the safest instant payment and receiving platform available. Recieve registered merchant payments instantly. 


Post once and send/receive messages from multiple WhatsApp groups, text messages, emails, and more. Create a single post at different prices. Payment options included. 


Industry and bank-beating rates that help make transfers to over 190 countries and 50+currencies. Sell more with amazing fixed 12 month FX rates. Sell more with Global local payments.

Get your lines of credit. Invoicing and flooring programs. Sell to your customers' person present or Ecommerce on time. Buy now /pay later programs. We cover most lending risks and reduce costs.

Get your instant merchant account. No third-party sellers or agents. Chargeback protection for fraudulent transactions. Person present and not present.

For exclusive “ALL RISK” platform provides complete protection against covered causes of loss. In addition, this benefit is at your option.


Register your account and receive complete protection. or use our exclusive managed fulfillment services. At no cost to you. Manage complete all-risk protection, through our exclusive risk programs.





Evaluate and increase your business through our automated digital marketing and reputation management programs. Get a free comprehensive marketing report and application, with monthly updates for your business. With our platforms, you will have access to many business services not mentioned. Too many to mention. 200+ services are available. 


Our JWLS E-check service provides protection against fraud, account takeover, non-sufficient funds, identity protection, and unauthorized checks. For members we provide protection against unauthorized checks, for non members we will provide additional tools to assure your transactions.

Want to have an idea of your client's credit profiles and other activities that may affect your business with them? Manage your customer's credit from one easy-to-use platform. 



With our services plans, you will receive thousands of benefits and discounts at many of your household names. Simplify your business's HR needs with the Jwls benefits platform. 





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JWLS protects all shipped goods against all forms of covered loss

Our customer service handles every procedure involved in the shipping of high-value products anywhere in the world.

We provide country-specific technical expertise, customs consultancy services and state-of-the-art solutions.

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